• 32 Life Lessons as I Celebrate my 32nd Birthday

    As I turn thirty-two, I always feel like I am answerable to many people. I feel like those around me always await my next move, my next life decisions, etc. Sometimes, I feel the pressure from the timelines of the society. The measures of success based on where you are at the corporate ladder, the number of children you have, the car you drive, the city you live in and the investments your should have made by now. I always try my best to choose gratitude. To pay more attention on what I have than what I don’t. Today, I wrote what I’ve learned in almost 32 years and I…

  • Jacinto & Lirio Planner – Rosegold

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  • Ready, AIM, Fire – PLDT Smart SME Nation’s Pioneer Batch

    What do you need to do to get that Asian Institute of Management’s Scholarship? Just answer the question: “What does it  mean to have a digitally-enhanced business?” I had a trip down memory lane reminiscing what I was doing 7 years ago. It all started with my passion for affordable fashion. I have always been a fan of Divisoria – the commute, the variety of options, the specialty stores, the haggling experience and the rewarding feeling of buying more for less. That’s how Divisoria Diva started, I brought Divisoria to the digital world through the renowned e-commerce and digital marketplace, Multiply. It gave me a different kind of high. I…

  • The Rebecca Bloomwood Experience

    It might take a while before I regain a better credit score but in this journey, I learned a lot. The best part probably is, I was able to confirm that debt is a disease. It spreads in your system but it is not impossible to control. And the first step to control it, is to accept that you have it.

  • A Tall Glass of Juice: What I Learned During a Month of Being Jobless

    Almost seven years after graduation, I experienced the most terrifying one month in my professional life. I was a bum for more than 30 days, with no savings. I just got married last December. In January I was ecstatic to go back to work after our holiday honeymoon in the province. I was doing a Sales cum Brand Management job for a furniture importer in the Philippines. I was earning well, salary + commission which would sometimes shoot up twice as much as my monthly salary. But since the wedding in the province cost me and my husband a lot, we weren’t able to save for the rainy days. And so,…