Self-care and Self-love with Olay

It’s been four months since the enhanced community quarantine was announced in Metro Manila and in other parts of the Philippines.

We have been in different types of quarantines after that and 120 days after, I’m wondering how you guys and girls have been.

The past 120 days was a roller coaster ride for me. I grew up with asthma – skin and respiratory – and that is a co-morbidity for respiratory illnesses like COVID-19.

Fear and anxiety are creeping day in, day out. Working from home suits me well but the uncertainties that the disease bring along affected me and my disposition.

I’ve given pocket gardening and growing indoor plants a try and it helped me cope with the stress caused by this situation we are in.

Protecting ourselves from the virus entails a lot of preparation and safety measures. We may though that we are taking care of our bodies but our bodies suffer a lot too.

Exposure to disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaning materials is bad for our skin. Bathing a couple of times a day especially when you are heading our for essential errands and work can strip of the natural moisture from our skin. And that’s another challenge.

How do we ensure that we can cleanse our skin without being too harsh and replenish the lost moisture and nutrients?

I’m glad I found Olay Bodyscience with B3 also known as Niacinamide. SampleroomPH started offering it on their website so you can TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

It has three variants namely: Cleansing and Nourishing, Cleansing and Firming and Cleansing and Brightening.

My current self-care essentials
This variant has a subtle tropical scent with notes of Pomelo!
This variant reminds me the scent of Olay Shea Body Wash!
Love the healthy glow!

Self-care is priceless and during times of uncertainties and anxiety, there is nothing more important than prioritizing the things that make us feel good. Cleansing while nourishing is possible with #OlayBodyScience #OlayBodyGlow Fight the spread of the virus, follow the safety measures, but #DontLeaveYourBodyBehind. You too can try these products by checking out #SampleRoomPH #TryBeforeYouBuy

xoxo, Rache

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