32 Life Lessons as I Celebrate my 32nd Birthday

As I turn thirty-two, I always feel like I am answerable to many people. I feel like those around me always await my next move, my next life decisions, etc.

Sometimes, I feel the pressure from the timelines of the society. The measures of success based on where you are at the corporate ladder, the number of children you have, the car you drive, the city you live in and the investments your should have made by now.

I always try my best to choose gratitude. To pay more attention on what I have than what I don’t. Today, I wrote what I’ve learned in almost 32 years and I hope you can it can teach you a thing or two.

1. Your spiritual health is as important (or even more important) as your physical and mental health. Nourish your soul as much as you nourish your body.

2. Give less f*cks. Or prioritize the f*cks to give on the things that matter. Always ask yourself “Would it still matter in 5 years?” Shrug it off if it won’t.

3. Take other people’s advice with a grain of salt. You are the ultimate beneficiary or sufferer of your own decisions.

4. Control your emotions or it will control you.

5. Great opportunities begin at the end of your comfort zone. Try a new sport, travel alone, reach out to the bosses, etc.

6. Create a vision board, plan your future.

7. Do number 6 but do not pressure yourself. Take it one step at a time.

8. Know when to pause. Time has a wonderful way of unfolding resolutions to our problems, thus, number 9.

9. Timing is everything. We can plan all we want but if it isn’t the right time, we can’t force things to happen.

10. Always find ways and reasons to laugh and smile. Follow a meme page or site.

11. Learn a new skill every 6 months.

12. Read often.

13. Memorize a new song every month.

14. Watch a documentary once a month.

15. Be interesting. Be relatable. 11 to 14 will help you become one.

16. Enroll in an online course and earn a certificate at least once a year.

17. Make more money by the hour. Aside from your day job, find an opportunity to earn more based on the skills you learn from time to time.

18. Declutter on a quarterly basis. Sell clothes, bags and shoes you haven’t worn in the past quarter.

19. Whenever you feel like quitting on something (or someone, hehe), remember why you’ve started in the first place.

20. You don’t need a lot of friends. You need a few, good and reliable ones whom you can treat as family.

21. Make time for your self. Take a vacation, go to the spa, do what makes you feel most alive.

22. Join a spiritual community or a support group.

23. Find your ministry, your purpose and a way to share your talent outside work.

24. Meet new people. Find a way to network with a new crowd. Join workshops, attend community outreach, etc.

25. Watch drama movies from time to time. Crying is healthy. Crying makes you feel good after.

26. You don’t have to explain yourself to other people.

27. Your past does not define who you are now nor will it define who you will be in the future.

28. It is okay to say no. And let your no be a no and your yes be a yes.

29. It is okay to be brokenhearted, it is okay to grieve, but give yourself a deadline and move forward from it. Life and those who are alive are more important than those who are not and no longer beside us.

30. A bad day does not mean a bad life. It is okay to fail, but you should learn from it.

31. Other people’s timeline shouldn’t be yours. We are created uniquely and are meant to take different paths. What’s for you will not get past you.

32. Always choose LOVE. Love God, your neighbor and yourself.

I look forward to more life lessons as I embrace my 32nd year tomorrow. I wish you a beautiful and bountiful life as well! To God be all the Glory.



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