Sharp Android TV LC45UA6800X Review

We just made a switch from one Smart TV to another. It’s been 4 months since we owned our first ever Smart TV.

It’s nice to finally watch Netflix and Youtube directly on your TV with just a single press on the remote. It is convenient and it made me become a couch potato.

But an upgrade came four months after. I was skeptic at first because I didn’t know what to expect from an “Android TV” but knowing that SHARP is a bankable brand, excitement overpowered uncertainties.

Look at the specifications that made me more excited:

Sharp Philippines LC-45UA6800X Aquos 45” 4K HDR AndroidTV


✔️Dolby Audio



✔️Google Chromecast Built-in


We immediately setup the TV and hooked it up to our Wifi. We logged in on our Netflix and Youtube accounts as well.

As you can see, the remote lets you directly access Netflix, Youtube and voice search via Google.

After the setup, we got a notification that an update is available. So we didn’t waste a second and updated immediately.

After the update, I was able to browse through the built-in apps and the apps which we’ve added during the update.

There are four (4) HDMI ports and we connected our Digital Cable Box, a Playstation 4 and an external hard drive.

I also downloaded Google Home on my phone and paired with my Sharp TV. I can use it as a remote and access my favorite apps and search my favorite programs using voice command.

There’s no better way to test out the TV’s Dolby Audio system but to play my favorites on Spotify – directly from the app we’ve downloaded on the TV.

So, was it worth the switch?

Definitely! This is probably the smartest TV in the market today.

✔️It’s so easy to find new content with the voice search via Google.

✔️Google Home app and the built-in Chromecast saved me a couple of thousands.

✔️The display is crystal clear, the colors are crisp and with various modes like Football, Movie, etc.

✔️We didn’t have to install our speakers because of Dolby Audio system that is built-in on the TV.

To see the actual demo, check out my video review here:

Youtube Video

What do you think about this Sharp Android TV? I’ll keep you posted with updates as I get to know more about this TV. Thank you.




  • Alberto Luzuriaga

    I just got my new aquios tv 45 inches last 3 weeks ago. It was running smooth and very entertaining because of the features. I really enjoyed it but suddenly, when i was watching, it automatically shut off. I dont know why. Nobody is holding the remote. So, I turn it on again. After 30 minutes, it automatically shut off again and restart it self again… I think it happened 7 or 8 times t already. I dont know why. My guess is a flacuation of voltage in our place but im not sure.. if someone is experiencing this, please inform me also and let us ask sharp company to help us. Im from sorsogon, philippines.

  • slurpandtalk

    Hi, Alberto! Thanks for reading this feature. Have you sorted out this issue? I have a few hunches which might be causing the shut-off issue and these are my tips to further check:

    1. You’re right, the voltage requirement is not met. But this can be a rare occurrence.
    2. When was the last time you update the software of your TV? Please check if there are new updates as some built-in apps may not work smoothly without the necessary updates.
    3. Have you paired any other device aside from the remote? Check if your remote is paired properly. Unhook any devices connected via Bluetooth.
    4. Did the last update finish properly? Intermittent internet connection or power supply may interrupt the software update progress too.

    I hope one of these tips would be able to help you. Otherwise, it would be best to call Sharp or their uuthorized repair centers.

    Thank you very much for dropping by!


  • Sean

    Hi there! I have an issue with my tv with this model because I cant seem to update my tv to the latewt software. Do you know where to get the manual update driver? I cant seem to find this model to their website.

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