The Curly Girl Method Made Me Love My Hair More


I’ve always embraced my curls. I always thought it makes me stand out in the crowd. It is truly a head-turner and contrary to some old beliefs, it is truly easy to maintain. Until my eyes were opened to the curly curl method.

I have been practicing bits and pieces of this method. I do not shampoo often and use conditioner to wash, detangle and condition my hair at the same, this is called “co-washing”. I also use a microfiber towel to dry my hair. I use products for “curly hair”.

Apparently, that’s not all there is to it! The curly girl method is not just a set of processes to maintain your curly hair. It is a way of life. It is not complicated but it requires patience, consistency and hard work – all of which are key to SUCCESS! Hahaha.

Before Curly Girl Method

I used to have a love-hate relationship with my hair. During the days when I LOVE it, I flaunt it. I tie it up when I don’t. And there were also, so-so days.


Before CGM
Before CGM – LOVE Days


Before CGM
Before CGM – HATE Days
Before CGM
Before CGM – So-So Days

I also tried experimenting – from shaving a part of my head for a hair tattoo to constant blow drying which ruined my hair.


Start of My Curly Girl Method Journey

Until I decided to go full on and become dedicated in following the curly girl method. I searched for a support group in the Philippines so I can start the journey properly. The first group I encountered was: Curly Girls Philippines a Facebook Page which has been featured in several websites for the past few months.

After scrolling through the page, I learned that they have a Curly Girls Philippines Community, a group where members exchange information about CG-approved products, curly girl hacks, stylists, and more. Trust me, this is the curly girl group in the Philippines that you will ever need!

Everyone is just supportive of each other’s journey. There is an open flow of information. Everyone makes you feel welcomed and part of one big curly family!

The next step I made was to take note of the curly girl approved products that were suggested on the group. The Founder, Ms. Ria Fernandez really took time to consolidate photos of locally available products that we curly girls can use. Once you become a member (after answering verification questions), you will get access to these units and albums where you can find CG approved shampoos, conditioners, styling products and more.

One of the locally available products and a CG favorite is Human Heart Nature. I’ve been a HHN advocate for the past three (3) years now. I only get to activate my status during holidays and when I buy household products in bulk. But this time, I am becoming a regular because of my CG hair products. BUY HERE

CG Approved Human Heart Nature
Human Heart Nature. These are the products that my hair really love.

I started deep conditioning. Wrapping/plopping my hair longer in a microfiber wrap.

Curly Girl Method Plopping
Wrapping/plopping my hair longer in a microfiber wrap.

Wearing my head in a pineapple bun.

Curly Girl Method - Pineapple Bun
Pineapple Bun

I also started sleeping on a satin covered pillows. No it’s not a satin pillow case yet. Hahaha. I just used my satin sleepwear to cover my pillow.



Since I work at home, I can endure 2 to 3 days without a proper wash. I only refresh my hair with 1 part conditioner and 3 parts water, twice a day.

To date, I still don’t shampoo my hair and still co-wash. But I am planning to do it after heading out to the beach this weekend. I will also try to document my first ever saltwater swimming while doing the curly girl method, so stay tuned.

One month along the CGM, I styled my hair for the first time yesterday, using an improvised diffuser. Haha. I used a strainer as a diffuser. I went to the first Curly Girls Philippines meet-up yesterday and it was an awesome experience and I truly look forward to the next one. Check out full deets HERE


The curly girl method is truly a life-changing journey. If we can actually have more like-minded curly girls on board, we can start changing the world and the perception that curly hair is a flaw.

This is also a call for more brands to start developing products that would fit into curly hair needs, instead of making us try to fit into the mold based on the way you advertise. We have our own mold and it’s called kinky, wavy, coiled and CURLY.



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