Unwind at Novotel Manila Araneta Center’s Sabor Bar de Vinos

Raise your Glasses! There’s A New Wine Bar in Manila

They say the best people are those you can drink wine with. But for me, the best wine is something that you can drink with the best people too.

Not everyone drinks, but when you ask some people to, you can convince them with a glass of wine or two. Wine is probably the most romantic, diverse and versatile drink there is – you can drink it standalone and chilled or mixed with a lot of twists.


That’s how my night was at Novotel Manila Araneta Center’s Sabor Bar de Vinos. A wine bar in Quezon City? The latest attraction in this hip hotel is a wine and tapas bar that keeps me wishing I lived at the hotel or near the hotel for a nice nightcap – every single night.

Wine lovers or not, there is surely a think of two that you would love from their menu.


Let’s start off with their tapas. There are three things I love about this wine bar, aside from the wine of course. Cheese x Chorizo x Croquettes


I have been to some wine bars around Metro Manila. There are wine bar chains around the malls, specialty wine restaurants and wine bars inside hotels but one thing that Sabor Bar de Vinos offers is that it combined all of the good from these wine bar options.

1. A wine bar with an outdoor feel

Not all wine bars have big windows and a well-lit area, most wine bars offer a singular ambiance, warm light, etc. It is because you drink where the wines are. In respect to temperature control and probably a hint of sexy and sultry, wine bars are generally dark and uses warm colored lights compared with other restaurants.

Sabor Wine de Vinos has two areas to choose from, your conventional wine bar section for a nightcap, post-meeting retreat, and romantic post-dinner convo.



But they also offer a bubbly side of their hotel, what used to be an alfresco dining extension was converted into a fully enclosed section with floor to ceiling glass that gives you a perfect view of the busy corner of Gen. Aguinaldo and Gen. McArthur Avenues where the malls are.



2. A wine bar to enjoy with friends and family

Aside from the ambiance, the experience itself makes it an enjoyable memory to share with friends. There are bars which would actually let you try to prepare your drinks, unless during busy hours. But Savor Bar de Vinos at Novotel incorporated this experience making it something that you will look forward to every time you go here.

The best starters (appetizers) are also the best conversation starters. Can you imagine how great the night was after my NFFs (newly found friends) and I indulged in these goodies?

3. A wine bar that gives you privacy

Choose your own sanctuary. Whether you want to enjoy some outdoor scenery or just a quiet corner to finish some emails, there is a perfect spot for you at Sabor.

4. A wine bar that lets you do your own drink

D-I-Y Sangria is something for the books! My husband loves to prepare sangria for me during special occasions but having this experience at a bar gave me an idea for a  surprise on our next visit here (but if he reads this first, it’s fine. At least he’ll have reasons to invite me here first).


Sabor Bar de Vinos at Novotel is a must-try for the laid-back and the adventurous; for the introverts and the extroverts; for the “just wine” and sangria lovers; for the North girl and South boy. This is your middle ground, your hideaway, your place to “Sabor the Moment”!

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