Review: Nivea In-shower Skin Conditioner

The rainy season and the cold weather cause our skin to lose moisture, dry out and get itchy, and for someone like me who is always in a hurry, I tend to forget to moisturize using a body lotion or body butter – in case I need a stronger reinforcement for my extra dry skin.

Good thing, there is a product that is easy to use and definitely leaves the skin moisturized in no time.

Nivea in-shower skin moisturizer prevents the skin from drying as soon as you step out of the shower.

With the help of my splash-proof phone (Haha), I was able to take snapshots of this awesome product and how it help me get rid of rough and scaly skin (that normally results to skin asthma if not addressed properly).

This is Nivea in-shower skin moisturizer together with some of my haul from Sampleroom – the country’s biggest sampling community

It’s a 100ML bottle of a light scented in-shower skin moisturizer.

After I do my normal bath routine – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, I squeezed this much for my upper body and as much for my lower body.

Massage it on your skin like a regular lotion, leave it for about 30 seconds or a faster version of the ABC song, and RINSE thoroughly.

I normally test the dryness of my skin by lightly scratching my skin. So here’s how my skin looked like on my left arm where I used NIVEA in-shower skin moisturizer:

And here’s my right arm where I used my regular body wash:

Here are some of my take as pros and cons of this product:


  1. It does what it promised to do – moisturize quickly
  2. Moisturization lasts
  3. Easy to use
  4. Affordable
  5. Lightly scented


  1. I do not recommend applying this at your chest area or back or any sweat-prone areas. It may contain oil that may lead to the development of acne in those areas.
  2. Not widely available yet.

Would I buy this again? Definitely! It’s nice to have this product in my bathroom especially that I take too long in the shower and do not have much time to moisturizer. It is also perfect for travel in case hotel toiletries are not that suitable for your skin, this one’s even more handy than a lotion bottle. Buy yours from the Nivea Official Store in Lazada

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