Embracing My Bigger Version of Best Beautiful

Eversince I underwent a surgery which required my left ovary to be removed due to multiple dermoid cysts in 2012, I never got back to my former size.





I tend to have episodes of self pity and nursing a very low self esteem because I find it really hard to go back to my old size.

But my family, especially my mother, an Olay user for 2 decades, never got tired of reminding me that you can work hard on achieving a beautiful face and a beautiful body but you have to work harder on achieving a beautiful heart.

As a loyal Olay user for 3 years now, Olay has been my skincare partner day and night.



When I learned about the Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash, I know I really have to give it a try.


It’s been seven days since I received the package from Olay and Belle de Jour containing my staple Olay Total Effects Day Cream with SPF and Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash.


It was the best time to try and test its moisturizing properties because it’s been raining in Manila for several days already.

As I worked into a rich lather using my bare hands, I instantly felt how it is a treat for the body. It is rich and creamy with a very pleasing scent.

Here is how I would rate my Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash experience:

Scent – 4/5
Moisturization (Hands) – 5/5
Moisturization (Loofa) – 4/5

With Olay for my face and body, I am confident to embrace my bigger version of BEST BEAUTIFUL.

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