My Key Takeaways from Belle de Jour: A Woman Who Matters

A woman should be two things: WHO and WHAT she wants. – Coco Chanel

August 8, 2015

SM Megamall Atrium

It was my usual Saturday, with a usual tank top + cardigan paired with jeans, with the usual habit of having my “me time” as I wait for my husband to return from work. What was unusual was how I would be able to spend that “me time”.

My emancipation from weekend and holiday work gave me the freedom to blog and write poetry again, to read a book and to adopt a pet.  This Saturday, I am adding something to the list – to learn new things and to be empowered.

Belle de Jour came up with an event dubbed as “BDJ A Woman Who Matters” and after being a user of Belle de Jour Planner for seven years, I am giving their event a shot. I felt like my previous digital marketing job placed me inside a shell and it’s about time to say “Hello” to the world once again.

I arrived at the venue around 10:30AM, with 6 girls ahead of me in the line. A lady from the BDJ team just got the names of the 1st four bellas (imagine if I arrived a little earlier, I could have been one of them. Haha)

At 11:30AM, there are about 60 bellas in line, waiting for the registration to officially open.


The programme started with a BANG when the event’s host, PBA courtside reporter Apple David kicked off the event with a raffle and a game.


Blogger, stylist and make up artist, Nikki Duque was the first speaker and shared about the Do’s and Don’ts for Corporate Makeup. Nikki is surprisingly simple yet very charming. She delivered and shared based on experience in the corporate world.


Key takeaways from Nikki:

  1. If we want to be successful, we have to dress and look the part.
  2. Less is more. Make up should enhance your look and not change it.

The next speaker was surprisingly young. As vibrant as her hair, Thea de Rivera, restaurateur/co-owner of The Girl and the Bull was very straightforward with her thoughts about the life after graduation, finding a job and pursuing your passion.

From Thea’s IG Account

Key takeaways from Thea:

  1. You passion may be your career. Do not be afraid to explore and make mistakes.
  2. Do not lose your self in the process of pursuing your passion.

The last but the most important for me, fitness. I have been wanting to hear from an expert about their thoughts on finding time to exercise especially if you are busy. Melissa Gohing walks the talk ad live by the title of here blog “Perspire to Inspire”. I can related having a back problem and I got an inspiration from her to get back to shape.


Key takeaways from Melissa:

  1. There should be no excuses.
  2. There is always an exercise for your type of body and your schedule.

The event continued with more raffle and more games in between.

RaffleRaffle 2It was also an awesome opportunity to reconnect with friends…

Rhia and Rache

And meet new ones.


My first will definitely not be the last. Kudos to the Bellas who have grown this community into thousands of empowered women.

Looking forward to my 2016 planner.



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